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The challenge

The challenge was to reimagine the Parliament House visitors’ experience—both for those who visit in person and online. The vision was for an influential digital presence, increasing awareness and the sense of pride in Parliament House and everything it has to offer; locally, nationally and on the global stage.

Parliament in your pocket

Our mobile-first approach to the design allows people to see what it’s like to visit Parliament House on any device, from anywhere in the world. This ensured that even those who can’t visit Parliament House in person can gain an understanding of its inner workings.

Involving stakeholders from the start

We conducted a series of workshops with 40 stakeholders across four departments, including developing an understanding of current visitor needs and the unique brand of Parliament House. Ensuring stakeholders had a voice from the start meant the project ran smoothly.

Project highlights

We delivered a distinctive online presence that involves visitors at all stages of their visit; before, during, after – even for those who can’t physically visit.

  • Clarified Parliament House’ unique brand and visitor needs through a series of workshops with stakeholders.
  • Defined a consistent brand voice and content strategy that welcomes people in and can be used across all communications.
  • Promoted a mobile-first approach, delivering on visitor expectations for exploring places on any device.

A content strategy that encourages engagement

With insights from discovery workshops and a content audit, our content strategist partner identified where new content was required to support visitor engagement and recommended a positive, welcoming brand voice. The strategy was applied across all of Visit Parliament’s digital channels, welcoming people in to explore.

An inclusive visitor experience

We designed an inclusive experience encouraging visitors to engage with Visit Parliament’s online presence before, during and after a visit. This extended their actual visit and increased access to the unique experiences that Parliament House has on offer.

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