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The challenge

Our challenge was to create an innovative and industry leading website to engage influencers, thinktanks, and academics across the world. We delivered a contemporary digital engagement product, showcasing Australia’s Foreign Policy strategy for the future.

Connecting people with foreign policy

Taking advantage of digital delivery, we transformed the traditional printed White Paper into an interactive online experience, increasing engagement with foreign policy and extending Australia’s international influence.

Knowing your audience

We conducted user research with a varied primary audience including members of the public interested in foreign policy. These insights helped shape the overall positioning and how to engage with different segments in an effective way.

Project highlights

We worked closely with the White Paper Task Force to deliver a progressive digital platform.

  • Clarified the product strategy and the needs of the White Papers’ diverse audience through interviews and stakeholder workshops.
  • Evolved how Australia’s government presents their Foreign Policy strategy in a digital world.
  • Reduced risk by implementing the govCMS software-as-a-service solution, with scalability, performance and security in mind from the start.

Cohesive product strategy

We facilitated a series of discovery workshops with stakeholders across several government departments, for this whole-of-government product. Through this process, we shaped a cohesive product vision and guiding principles that evolved the product’s digital potential beyond expectations.

Fully supported by govCMS

We created a strong foundation that enabled DFAT to deliver fresh ideas faster and with less risk, by developing the Foreign Policy White Paper website on the govCMS software-as-a-service platform.

On behalf of DFAT, I want to thank you and your team for the enormous work you put into this project. You were an absolutely integral part of our team. You delivered an innovative and industry leading website for which we are getting excellent feedback. Well done to your very talented and hard-working team members.

- Rebecca

Assistant Secretary, Foreign Policy White Paper Taskforce

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